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Arcade Sticks

used at CCH

Traditionally, fighting games have been using arcade stick controllers since the era of gaming arcades.

With the transition to the era of home consoles, these arcade sticks have been manufactured to become compatible with many gaming consoles since the Super Nintendo, Dreamcast, Playstation and Xbox.

Many of these arcade sticks can also be connected to a PC using a USB port.


So which arcade sticks do the modern fighting games fans like to use to practice?

We're providing some recommendations so you can save time on thinking about it!

Feel free to contact us through the CCH social media if you'd like to hear about the most recent trends in fighting game community.

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Qanba's officially licensed fight stick for the PS4 is perfectly sized and weighted for both portability and for competitive use.

Many of the world class Street Fighter and Tekken players such as Tokido, NL, Jeondding, Knee, Channel and more uses the Qanba Obsidian fight stick

Check out the latest prices and offers from Amazon

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Razer Panthera Evo

Slick and sturdy design for

professional fighting games players

Razer has been supporting the FGC and many of the famous competitors such as Xian from Singapore, Fuudo from Japan and many more.

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Hitbox is an arcade stick type controller without a lever. Instead it has buttons for directions and has a feel of playing PC games that used the keyboard's spacebar as the Jump button.

Lots of world class fighting games players such as Super Akouma, Daigo Umehara. Cloud805 and more!  

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Engineered for ultimate joystick protection and player comfort. The Guardian can fit any size joystick from a compact Qanba Drone to our large Qanba Dragon- with plenty of room to spare so you can pack your essentials.

Great for general use, especially for travelling.

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Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai

The critically acclaimed HORI Original HAYABUSA Joystick is lightning quick and extremely accurate. Available only in the Real Arcade Pro line and the choice of tournament fighters around the world.

Compatible for PS4, PS3 and PC

Engineered for transportability, the Drone is both lightweight and durable. The Drone is QANBA's answer to the players’ calls for a cost-effective joystick that performs high-end, making it an excellent choice for both first-time buyers and traveling veterans.



A joystick crafted with the hardcore player in mind, the Dragon is equal parts tournament-grade joystick and collector’s piece.


The name QANBA has been associated with the finest joysticks for years, known for superior performance and unparalleled style.


Professional fighting game e-athletes worldwide have regarded the Dragon as one of the finest in the industry.

From the cable to the interior, components to the aesthetics, the Dragon is the creme of the crop in the joystick world.

Recommend us!

Already an arcade stick owner?

If your favorite arcade stick is not listed, you can contact us to recommend it for others to see!

Tells us in general where you saw them being used or purchased it from,

as well as why you like it so much!

Thanks for sharing your suggestion! If you live in Melbourne and would like to show off your FGC gear, visit one of our CCH meetups and feel free to play some fighting games with the rest of the community!

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