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CCH Financial Report 2023

Total income: $2029.01
Total expenses: $1260.20

Excess funds used on Year-end CCH Pizza: $500

Surplus for next year: $246

Booking costs: $970. Big thanks to Yarra City Council for allowing us free use of the venue from July which helped tremendously! Otherwise booking costs would have been $1670.
Website costs:  $226.57
CAV costs:  $63.6

Amount spent on Year-end CCH pizza and drinks: $832.89

Year-End CCH Pizza budget :
$500 from CCH surplus + $310
 donations= $810 (Thank you Theo and Forte and Sam White for donating to pizza fund!)

Thank very much everyone for coming this year and see you at the Year-End CCH on Dec 9 at the Djerring Centre!

CCH Financial Report 2022

Total income: 1701.75
Total expenses: 1706.52

Website domain April 22 2021: $35.50
Website renewal Nov 6 2021: $163.09
Powerboards bought by Rupps: 121.5
Venues fees: Nil (Waived by Yarra Council this year thanks to grant)
Two new monitors (replace one that died from wear and tear): $440
CCH year end pizza: $857.43
CAV costs (incoming): $89

Total expenses: 1706.52

deposited July 4 2022. $50 notes and $134.30 coins: 184.3
coins deposited $144 cash $150 one loose $5 note 14 Oct 2022: 299
cash deposit 18 Dec 2022 (includes $120 donation): $155
coins deposit 18 Dec 2022: 88.45
Staff donation for monitors: 220
Pizza donations: 755
Total income: 1701.75

Year end CCH expenses
Fratellino pizza: 457.43
Dominos: 250
Soda, cutlery, garbage bags, plates, gaffa: 150
Total expenses: 857.43

Pizza donations    
CCH staff donation: $250
Michael Thai "Javi": $200
Beetron: 20
Ashxu: 50
Aura: 100
Jackie: 10
Chandarin: 25
Xarv: 100
Total donations: 755
Add excess CCH revenue of $100
Total to spend $855

BIG THANK YOU to everyone who donated this year. We'd never done this before and the response was tremendous.

Revenue was a bit lower this year, so we didn't have that much to spend on year-end pizza until opening for donations.

Lower revenue was due to our entry fee reduction that was possible with Yarra Councils' generosity and waiving of our booking fees.


To cover next year's expenses (back to regular costs) entry fee will return back to $5 per entry, free if you bring console/monitor/laptop.

CCH Financial Report 2020-2021

2020-2021 was a very difficult because of COVID-19. We had so many lockdowns, cancellations etc.

So we have combined expenditure and income from that period into one block:

2020-2021 Final Expenses: $1,017.73

2020-2021 Final Income: $1,199.35

CCH Financial Report 2019​

Total income: $1744.15

Total expenses: $1749.9



First quarterly invoice: $270

Second quarterly invoice: $270

Third quarterly invoice: $270

Fourth quarterly invoice: $225

Pizza expense for snail DBFZ tourney Feb 23 $15.90

CAV annual statement cost: $57.80

Web domain costs: $19.95 AUD

Power Rangers tournament prize: $21.25

Graphic design $50

Enkeros PSN 'thank you for TOing' card $50

End of the year pizza: $500

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