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Australian FGC Discords

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Online Aus/NZ FGC community founded by "Carbuncle" and "Heart Professor". Mainly Street Fighter  6 and V focused but also caters to classic Street fighter titles such as Super Turbo, Third Strike and Alpha 2.

Team WP hosts and supports multiple online tournaments either first party or run by several community members.

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Oceania Tekken

Oceanian Discord for all things Tekken!

Local meetups, online tournaments and streams of local Tekken players.

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Australian Anime Fighters

Australian Anime Fighters Discord maintained by "Javi".

Thriving and friendly community with diverse range of Anime fighting games and much more!


Marvel vs Capcom Oceania

Oceanic MvC discord ran by community member 'Julian' from VIC

A friendly community for all things marvel and others games, with community members from all states  both old and new!



down under

Community-driven group ran by "Schenkhan", providing online competitions for the fighting game communities of Australia and New Zealand. 

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Australian DBFZ fighters Discord ran by "Aura" with weekly streams & tournaments.

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Street Fighter

Alpha Discord

Street Fighter Alpha 3 discord run by "doctor_allo"

Features online tournaments and podcast.

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3rd strike

Australian/NZ Discord for all Street Fighter 3: Third Strike.

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Australian Super  Street Fighter II Turbo Discord run by "Jarop" 

Social media & websites

Video Shoot

10 years span of Melbourne's FGC history with Street Fighter 4,  Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Injustice, Mortal Kombat X and more! 

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White Feather

Sydney based FGC org founded by "Ziggy" and "FAB".


Organizers of the longest running Australian FGC major event, OHN.


New Zealand based FGC organisation.


Administered by the one and only "Optimus Dave"

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City Skyline

Melbourne based esports organisation, now expanded to SA, QLD and Sydney Smash.

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Melbourne based Super Smash Brother Melee organisation

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There's so many Australian and New Zealand FGC groups out there!

If we've missed anyone, please let us know via social media or our contact form below.


A Tekken focused not-for-profit organisation running FGC locals in Melbourne: a monthly in Docklands and weeklies at GGEZ bar. Find them also on Discord and Twitter.


Hold Forward

A new series of online fighting game events catered by SlicerOCE and Goat.

West Melbourne Tekken

MrSailormoon's boys at Williams Landing, on Discord and Twitter.


Doncaster Fights

New Tekken group in Melbourne run by Poultry


G Corp Geelong

Tekken tournaments run in Geelong.


Battle Kat Bunker

Sydney FGC venue/meetup


Melbourne Tekken Zaibatsu

Melbourne Tekken Facebook group.


Melbourne Fighters Facebook Group

Melb FGC Facebook group.


The Official Australian Fighting Game Community

Australian FGC Facebook group.


Killer Instinct Discord

KI Discord with nightly lobbies and fortnightly online tournaments.


Oceania Soul Calibur Discord:

Discord group which also has a steam group for casuals.


Skullgirls Oceania Discord:

Discord community for Skullgirls.


Are you or your local community in Australia or New Zealand running an FGC related group or website?

If your favorite local FGC is not listed, you can contact us to recommend it for others to see!

Tells us in general where they're located, maintained by whom and how active they are, along with its web URL.

Thanks for sharing your suggestion! If you live in Melbourne and would like to show off your FGC gear, visit one of our CCH meetups and feel free to play some fighting games with the rest of the community!

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