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CCH has been a Melbourne FGC institution since 2010, just around after the release of Street Fighter 4 on console.


It is a community event run by the community for the community, a local meetup on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month- where we gather with our sticks and setups and play casuals all day and hang out with each other.


The purpose of CCH is to provide a inexpensive and friendly space where the community can gather to play without worry, agendas or corporate constraints. The door fees of CCH are set to just be enough to cover the booking fees of the venue - any excess is typically used for pizza/party food at the last CCH of the year.


A financial report with all intake/expenditure figures is released publicly every year.



CCH was founded by Collingwood resident and the inventor of the crossup-tatsu,

Chris Dang, whom I will now respectfully refer to as the Founder.

Originally named Collingwood Club House, CCH has been known as Chris’ Club House for years now as a homage to its original founder who saw the need in the community for a console casuals meetup with the divide between Vanilla SFIV console and arcade editions.


CCH ran on Fridays from 6 PM till late, and The Founder would always be there with his setups and sticks. Many Melbourne traditions were born from this meetup, such as CPU money matches!


2nd from the left,

is Chris!

Since then CCH has gone from strength to strength, and the relaxed atmosphere of the meetup introduced many new faces to the Melbourne FGC that have since become staunch regulars and top players such as BurnoutFighter, Shadowfox, Antman, Somniac and many more.


I took over the reins in February 2011 from The Founder (who retired from the FGC in 2011 to be a family man) and together with Ali from Shadowloo, and reliable dudes like Andrew “Vitriol”, Daniel “Spoony” Finegan, Burnout and Peter “Syntax” Evans we ran CCH for a few years before I decided to shut it down in August 2012 with the opening of Shadowlogic over in Footscray.

Now CCH is back in 2014 with the recent shutdown of Shadowlogic for their impending move, and I personally hope we can attract more new players to our scene, level up together and have fun.

2018 update: CCH has been growing the last few years even with the shift of generations between SFIV and SFV. While a lot of OGs have faded away we also see a lot of new faces, with the anime scene growing strong with UNIST, GG, and DBFZ. With the release of the 30th anniversary Street Fighter collection, it's time for a "reminisce series" at CCH with a series of classic game tournaments!

2022 update: Time flies and we are in between console and game generations again with SF6 and Tekken8 around the corner. Hope to see old and new faces back at CCH! CCH is also under new management with Martyken and Rupps stepping up to run CCH: huge huge thanks to them for taking up the torch and everyone who helps out at CCH like Carnage, Julian, SleepyNick, Penta and more.

Hope to see you guys there!


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