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Melbourne Fighting Games Community meetup

CCH is a Melbourne fighting game community event run by the community for the community since 2010. We are a  BYOC (Bring-Your-Own Console) meetup that runs every 2nd (Collingwood Library) and 4th Saturday (Djerring Centre) of the month. Scroll down to find the next CCH date and more information.


Contact our staff and community on discord:

Feb 24 Djerring CCH tournament results


Results and recordings:

We'll run SFxT 2v2 & Karnov's Revenge at the next Djerring CCH on March 23!!

Big thank you to ❤️Rowdy & Dan for stream!

Thank you to Geese and THK for commentary, glad we could make THK's decade long CVS2 dream come true lol.

Shoutouts to Curenay for the beautiful graphics and placing top 3 in CVS2!


CCH 2024 dates

Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month 1pm to 11pm.

Every 2nd Saturday will be at our traditional location at the Collingwood Library


Every 4th Saturday will be held at the larger venue the Djerring Centre just across the road.

Jan 13 Library 27 Djerring

Feb 10 Library 24 Djerring

March 9 Library 23 Djerring

April 13 Library 27 Djerring

May 11 Library 25 Djerring

June 8 Library 22 Djerring

July 13 Library 27 Djerring

August 10 Library 24 Djerring

September 14 Library 28 Djerring

October 12 Library 26 Djerring

November 9 Library 23 Djerring

December 14 Djerring


Run a tournament or learn FGC skills at a Djerring CCH

As we will be at Djerring once every month for the rest of the year, here are our expression of interest forms (big shoutout to Ted and Rowdy!) for those seeking to learn FGC skills (streaming, bracket running, commentary) or run tournaments at our Djerring dates. 


Date: Every 2nd (Collingwood Library) and 4th Saturday (Djerring Centre) of the month.

Time: 1PM - 11PM


$5 entry fee.

Anybody that brings either a monitor/console/laptop gets in for free.

  • Street Fighter 6 and V

  • Dragonball Fighter Z

  • Tekken 7

  • Guilty Gear series 

  • Soulcalibur series

  • Killer Instinct

  • Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo/Alpha/3rd Strike

  • Ultra Street Fighter IV (classique)

  • Under Night In-birth: ST (cl-r)

  • Marvel vs. Capcom 3, MVCI

  • Skull Girls

  • Mortal Kombat 11

  • ...and more! You want to play it, bring it.



Parking spaces available to the left side of the library and behind Collingwood Town Hall across the road. 

Trains: we are conveniently located opposite Collingwood station.



CCH runs off a BYOC (Bring Your Own Console) culture.

Monitors, consoles, laptops, sticks are all appreciated, the more the merrier.

Bringing a setup means more games for you and for everyone there! And your entry fee is waived.

CCH Youtube channel

SleepyNick has been busy making awesome behind the scenes videos for the CCH Youtube channel.

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