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In the spirit of BYOC (Bring your own console) culture, people bring in all different types of consoles from different generations, laptops, and controllers. But one thing that doesn't change is the games that people bring to CCH to play with everybody. 

We play games as old as the original Street Fighter 2 but we don't lack behind in playing some of the most recent fighting game titles such as Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Dragonball Fighterz, soon to be Guilty Gear Strive as well as Blazblue Cross Tag Battle.

Even if you don't own the game you'd like to play, there is a high chance someone will bring the game you desire at CCH.

If you feel the need to own a copy yourself, below are some recommended links that will help you find the best prices to own one.

Most played fighting games at CCH

Street Fighter V

Dragonball Fighterz

Tekken 7



Tag Battle

Guilty Gear


Compare our recommended vendors with your local video games stores to find the best prices!

Popular Consoles at CCH

PlayStation 4 is the most popular console for fighting games since the Capcom Pro Tour of 2016 stated the official tournament standard consoles to be the PS4.

Many other fighting game world tours have followed suit since then.

In the previous generation, the XBOX 360 was the tournament standard console.


Whether if it's an average laptop for work or a full-fledged gaming laptop, as long as it runs your favourite fighting game without frame skips or visible lag and has more than 2 USB ports, it is acknowledged as a fully accessible fighting games console.

Thanks to many fighting games being available via Steam, players get the most flexibility when they need to decide on the game they want to play.


Thanks to one of our CCH regulars, Igor has a fully operating supergun arcade CPS2 boards for Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo and Street Fighter Alpha 2.

Both have been programmed to allow most variants of arcade sticks which works for most modern and old school consoles.

Read More >

Nintendo Switch is also one of the favourite consoles for fighting games as games like Dragonball Fighterz and Blazblue Cross Tag Battle has been released on it.

Soon, the new Under Night In-birth game and many other games in the year 2020 will also be released on the Switch.

Most of all, it is the main console to play the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

OTHER FIGhting games at CCH

In no particular order

Power Rangers Cover.jpg
UMVC3 cover.jpg
SC6 cover.jpg
MVCI cover.png
Alpha2 cover.jpg
SuperTurbo cover.png
3rdstrike Cover.jpg
Skullgirls 2 cover.jpg
USF4 cover.jpg
UNISTclr cover.jpg
Smash Ultimate cover.jpg

Recommend us!

Already a fan of fighting games?

If your favorite fighting game is not listed, you can contact us to recommend it for others to see!

Tells us in general where you saw them being played or purchased from,

as well as why you like it so much!

Thanks for sharing your suggestion! If you live in Melbourne and would like to show off your FGC gear, visit one of our CCH meetups and feel free to play some fighting games with the rest of the community!

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