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CCH 10th Anniversary Monthly Tournaments

This year marks the tenth year anniversary of CCH running.

To celebrate it, we’ll be running a monthly tournament based on your vote. If you want to see a tournament run for a fighting game and have setups for it:

  1. Nominate the game and format via this poll. Please note if you have setups for the game. (E.G. I nominate UMVC3 singles 2 setups.)

  2. We’ll have a paper form with the nominated choices at the second CCH of each month for people to vote on. The winner will be revealed the next day, giving players 2-3 weeks to prepare.

  3. We’ll run the tournament based on the results of the poll on the first CCH (second Saturday) of each month at 5PM starting with Feb 08. CCH will support the tournament with consoles, monitors and manpower.


It can be any fighting game in any format: X-Men vs Street Fighter singles, classique teams, Power Rangers or anime. We’ll rotate the games each month so more games can have their turn. We’ll celebrate the games we love.

March Tournaments:

Tekken 7 Armies: 4PM (Dread TO)

Granblue Armies: 4PM (Mitts TO)

Doctor_allo's SFA3 group are runnings Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper (PS2) at 3PM and SFA3 30th anniversary edition (PS4) next CCH March 28 at 3PM.

CCH 10th Anniversary Monthly Tournament Nomination polls:


April 11:

May 9:

June 13:

July 11:

September 12:

October 10:

November 14:

December 12:


February 8:

Vote count.

Third Strike:

SFV 2v2 teams:

March 14:

View vote count.

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